Can I return this?

I bought an HD video camera a few weeks back. It was a Canon Ivis HFR11. When I was looking at the cameras in the store I was amazed at how cheap it was, 29,800 yen. That’s about $260.00 US. Well, for that price I can’t pass it up, so, I bought it. When I got it home and gave it it’s first run I noticed a sound coming out of the playback. It was a “BRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBR” sound like the mic was picking up some tiny motor inside of the camera. Well, that first video was shot sitting right here next to my computer so I thought that it was picking up the fan noise or something. Well, I noticed on later recordings that that sound was there so obviously it wasn’t the sound from the computer. It’s been 3 weeks since I bought the camera but I decided enough is enough so I took it back to the shop where I bought it hoping to exchange it for a different one or return it. Allow me to preempt the rest of this story by saying that customer service in Japan is top notch…..except when you want to return something. Oh, they’ll jump through hoops for you for the sale, and they’re really really good about after service too. Try to return something and you’d think that you were asking them have the devil’s love child. Anyway, while I was in the store I sauntered over to the display models and shot a few seconds with one of those. Guess what? That same sound was coming out of it. The lady at the counter was telling me that they would send it back to Canon. I kept asking her “What is that going to do?” I mean seriously, if this particular model has that problem Canon sure as hell isn’t going to make a special one off for me. So what am I to do? I finally got fed up enough with her that I just politely said “Could you call a manager over, please?” When the manager arrived, to her credit, she explained everything to him straight out. He didn’t bat an eye, he just looked at me and said “We can take the return.” I almost dropped dead right there. I never expected him to be so easy going about it. I suspect I’m not the first customer to complain about this camera. So, he took my camera back no questions asked and credited the money back to my card. I also got the sense that he is into shooting video and that he himself wouldn’t stand for that kind of noise coming from a camera.

Well, now I’m stuck without a camera so I told him I’d like to look at a different model. We headed over to the video cameras and I picked out another Canon 2 grades higher than the one I just returned. It cost me about 300 more than the original purchase but I know in the long run it’s going to be well worth it. I now have a Canon IVIS HF M32. 64GB hard drive, full HD, touch screen, and all kinds of bells and whistles. I just got her home, hooked her up and shot a few seconds… noise. Yay!!

I need to thank the manager at Nojima in Fujieda for making everything go so smoothly. I can tell you one thing for sure, they now have a loyal customer. I will even be willing to spend a little more just to support their shop. I’ve never had a return go so well in this country. Maybe times are a changin’. I will partially thank the young lady that was originally working with me too. She didn’t get bitchy or anything even though I was clearly getting frustrated. She didn’t bend any stories when she talked to the manager. She kind of took my side and I felt like an ass for raising my voice to her…..of which I did apologize for before I left.

That’s all for now. Y’all come back, I’ll leave a light on for ya,


BTW, steer clear that of that HF R11 model



ex-pat American living in Japan since 1991. Love to play guitar and billiards. Love my Cincinnati Bengals too. Who-Dey!!
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One Response to Can I return this?

  1. Yuka says:

    hmm… i see. i don’t have a plan to buy a video camera though…
    i just learned “not bat an eye” now! hehe 😉

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