Dishwasher? Clothes dryer? Huh?

To continue the series from the request I got the other day we’ll be moving on to question #2

Is it true that you don’t have clothes dryers or dishwashers?

No, it’s not true. I have a rope hanging in my backyard and a wife in the kitchen. Badump dump. Thank you, I’m here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Seriously though, yeah, for the most part that is true.It’s not that those things don’t exist over here, it’s just that they’re not commonly used. But, I should also say that over the past few years there are more washing machine/dryer combos on the market and a lot of new homes have dishwashers. But, honestly, most people don’t have them. If nothing else can be said about the Japanese you have to at least give them credit for sticking to tradition and not doing something a different just because it’s simpler. Now, you may think that sounds silly, “Why on earth wouldn’t you want to make your life easier?” but in all fairness, simple doesn’t always mean better.

When I first came over here I was really uncomfortable with having to wait an entire day for my clothes to dry. If I wanted to wear my favorite shirt on a Friday night I had to do laundry on Thursday and make sure to get it out on the line……and pray that it didn’t rain. Even though the clothes lines are shielded from the rain the moisture in the air still slows everything down to a snails pace. On top of that no one likes stiff underwear, hard socks, or crunchy towels. And jeans, good God, stiff as a board coming off the line. Like I said, I wasn’t very thrilled with that style of doing things. I was here almost 3 years before I took a trip home for the first time. Of course I packed all of my favorite clothes. I had one shirt in particular, a really cool, black Iron Maiden t-shirt that I loved. It just fit right. Well, I was at my friends house and when I went to do laundry I thought to myself “Yes, a dryer, I’ll finally have soft warm clothes.” Well, the t-shirt wasn’t the type to shrink up in the dryer but what did happen was the heat from the dryer actually took some of the color out of the shirt. My crisp, black shirt was now a faded black…….and seemed sort of fuzzy. I then realized how much better for your clothes that hanging was. I tried not to do much laundry after that and instead just went out and bought more clothes and bagged everything up as I wore it and did laundry when I got back to Japan. I’ll agree that nothing is better than a warm pair of skivvies fresh out of the dryer, socks too, but for everything else I am a convert to hang drying. I’ll never buy a dryer. And one other thing I should mention, with Japanese homes being as small as they are, there’s really no reason to waste space like an American home with a huge washer and huge dryer. Japanese washers and dryers are usually one unit that does everything and they really aren’t that big. See photo

Dishwashers, I really can’t comment on that one, at least not with any passion or flare. I never had a dishwasher when I was growing up so nothing has really changed. I’ve been to homes where the people have a dishwasher, in the States that is, and many times I’ve seen very small pieces of food or something left on the plates or in between the fork tines……there’s a word a lot of people don’t know. Anyway, stuff like that makes me ill. So with that in mind I don’t really mind not having a dishwasher. Washing dishes isn’t my favorite thing to do in the world but it’s not so bad that I can’t take a few seconds out of my day to tell my wife to wash them. hahahaha!!!!

Thanks for listening. Y’all come back, I’ll leave a light on for ya.




ex-pat American living in Japan since 1991. Love to play guitar and billiards. Love my Cincinnati Bengals too. Who-Dey!!
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5 Responses to Dishwasher? Clothes dryer? Huh?

  1. Sev says:

    Your a putz Mully. 🙂

    Hope this make you feel better.


  2. Nathan says:

    Yes Japan has dryers. Mully, you make good points for not using them. My house even has a real dishwasher machine, but the rack makes it unusable to me. Foreigners are just destined to buy the wrong dishes.

    Great post! Now, tell us why houses do not have all rooms temperature/humidity control. I think in the USA we called that central heating and cooling.. I have to pray everyday my pool cue comes out of the case straight.

  3. Peter says:

    Ewwwwww, stuff in between the fork tines. You are making me rethink a possible purchase of a dishwasher Mully!

    What brand are the washer-dryers Mully in Japan? Australia had LG release a steam washer and dryer that wasn’t too successful, too inefficient with power and water usage and the process took forever. One comment I saw wryly said that on a good hot day in Aust. the clothes would have been washed and dryed on the line before the LG had finished..

  4. Bonnie says:

    I have an all in one, European style, LG washer/dryer. Takes HOURS for anything to dry but I don’t have the space in my tiny condo for hanging dryers or a clothes line. And I don’t like crunchy foundation garments. Don’t mind crunchy jeans, but that would take 2 days to dry on the line. 😉

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