Since the quake/tsunami

Wow, it’s been a long time since I made an entry here. When I got started with blogging and YouTube I thought I had more talent for this. Well, I probably do, but I’ve been enjoying my moderate success on YouTube so much that I’ve pretty much neglected my blog. I can’t promise that I’ll make regular updates but I hope you’re still around to read them when I do.

As you know, on March 11, 2011 Japan experienced one of the top 5 earthquakes of all time and a devastating tsunami. I’m sure everyone has seen plenty of footage on TV, regardless of where you’re at, so there’s no reason for me to try and describe it. How am I? Well, physically, I couldn’t be better. Emotionally……..I’m a train wreck. Even though I only experienced a little shaking the emotional toll of what is happening up north has brought my life to a standstill. I can’t seem to muster the strength to make a new video. As much as I want to laugh and have a good time, I just can’t do it. I find myself breaking into tears without any cause or notice. I should consider myself lucky, I do actually, because that could have so easily been right here where I live. Matter of fact, it still could be. I haven’t gone a day since that happened that I haven’t thought and worried about it happening here. It’s been so bad that I’ve actually lost 10lbs in the past 3 weeks. That’s actually a good thing for me, but not the way it’s happening. Stress is not a recommended vehicle for weight loss. I’m slowly getting better though and praying every single day that we don’t have a big one here. You see, the place where I live is sitting on a place where 3 major plates come together. There hasn’t been a big quake on that fault for over 150 years. The average on record is 108 years, so you see, we’re way overdue. They’ve been calling for this huge one here for the past 30 or 40 years. I’ll be happy enough if it waits another 40, as I doubt I’ll live to be 83. hehe!!

Anyway, sorry to be so heavy in this post. I promise my next one will be something you can get a chuckle out of.

For now, please keep the people of northern Japan in your thoughts and prayers. If you haven’t donated, please do. Even if it’s only throwing your change in a box at the convenient store. Every little bit helps.

Y’all come back, I’ll leave the light on for ya,




ex-pat American living in Japan since 1991. Love to play guitar and billiards. Love my Cincinnati Bengals too. Who-Dey!!
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10 Responses to Since the quake/tsunami

  1. Steve the QiRanger says:

    It’s really understandable to feel the way you do and there’s no need to apologize. I do hope that this last shake settled things in your area fif another hundred years or so. Thankfully things are getting better and better each day and with a little luck Japan will be back on top in a few years. My greatest fear is that the short term memory of the populous dies not forget one’s civic responsibilities to help those in need just because some new scandal erupts with a popstar.

  2. LylesBrother says:

    Just keep plugging along one day/blog/video at a time! Good to see you posting again! ~Kurt 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping in, Kurt. I would blog more but my mind is full of making videos. I’m making at least 3 videos tonight when I get home. My night will be spent in front of the camera and the computer. One is the “ganbare Japan” video so that should be easy enough. Another is the one we talked about today. The last one is a 25 question/answer thing that should keep me busy all night.

  3. jy69 says:

    It’s easily understandable.. we are all in the “big one” zone. But we can’t out-do or out-think mother nature. All we can do is be ready for whatever happens, but not to forget to keep living and enjoying every day with our loved ones.

    • Yeah, I understand that part of it, but, I also feel that being in this city, *KNOWING* that that huge bastard is coming, is akin to standing in the middle of the street when you see a bus coming around the corner.

  4. Since I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said, I’ll say I think you are totally justified in your fears Mully!

    If you don’t mind, here’s MY take on it from a few weeks ago:

    • Yeah, thanks for the comment, Lonnie, but I’m going to skip reading those links. I just know there is something scary in there that I don’t want to see.

  5. sois says:

    Glad you’re back writing again, Mullie.

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