MULLY Goes iMac

I just bought an iMac last week, after using PC’s since I started using a computer, which is about 17 years now. This is my first time using Mac, other than my iPhone and iPad, and here is my review….from the mouth of a babe mind you.

My first computer was similar to this. Fujitsu FM Towns. 14 in monitor, 600mb hard drive, 4mb Ram, Pentium 90 and a 14.4 dial up modem.

My main reason for switching to the iMac is because of everything I’ve ever heard about it being better for music and videos……artsy fartsy stuff. I’m totally into doing my YouTube videos and I now have over 800 subscribers to my channel that are expecting me to make videos. I need to make them better. So, I went with Mac. My initial thought was “But Mac doesn’t have the same number of choices of software” but I soon wiped that thought away because, in reality, how much software do I need? I make videos, surf porn…..just for the cartoons, and do E-mail. That’s about all I really need. So, I took the step and bought a powerhouse iMac. 21.5 in monitor, 1TB hard drive, 8GB RAM, QuadCore 2.8GHz processor (see below). I figured I’d be tooling along at the speed of sound. The whole upgrade was because my previous PC was taking like 2 hours to render a frickin’ 5 minute video clip. That’s just ridiculous. A lot of people that I talk with on YouTube are using Mac’s and every single one of them suggested trying Mac, so I took a leap of faith.

When it got here, I admit, I was lost. Nothing worked, or was in the same position as a PC. Confusion set in, BUT, I was aware there would be a learning curve and I was willing to sit through it. I’ve had it a week now, and although I’m far from being able to say that a Mac is easy to figure out, I have to honestly admit that it’s not really all that different from a PC. Sure, buttons are in different places etc… but in all fairness, once you set that mouse to have a right and left click, things start feeling somewhat normal. After that, you need to start learning the vocabulary of what is what.

Now, as I said, I got this iMac for my video editing. I have quickly found out that what everyone has said about not being a whole lot of software available for a Mac is an ugly truth. All this time I was thinking that since video editing and artsy fartsy stuff is it’s strong point that there would at least be those bases covered. WRONG! With a Mac you have few choices in your editing software, at least as far as I know at this date in time. There is iMovie, which comes pre-installed, and is so dumbed down that a damned blindfolded chimp with his hands tied behind his back could make videos with by banging on the keyboard and mouse with his feet.

Or there is Final Cut Express 4, which is a lite version of Final Cut Pro. Even though it’s a lite version, it seems as if you need a degree from MIT to figure the damn thing out.

Why doesn’t Mac make some sort of software similar to Cyberlink’s Power Director?

It’s advanced enough to allow you the freedom to do a lot of cool stuff, but it’s also dumbed down enough that you don’t need to take a course to figure it out. I think the one thing that really gets under my tits, and this is probably something that doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things, is color boards. What is a color board? Well, just what it says, it’s a color board. It’s a plain board of color that you can put in your video to run text over. I use them quite often at the beginning or end of my videos. If you saw my MULLY Gump video, the intro is a black color board with the words MULLY Gump over it.

In Power Director, they have a wide choice of boards for you to use, the ability to add text to them using any font that you have in your system, and a wide assortment of pre-made color text styles you can choose from. In Final Cut Express 4 there are no boards. If you want a color board with text you need to open something like Photoshop and make your own. What’s up with that? Sorry, like I said, it’s nothing major, but it really, really bothers me. Another thing with Power Director is that you can put things where you want by just dragging it to where you want it, in real time, it all shows up right there while you’re doing it. If I have to go to Photoshop to make something, put it in my video, then decide I want to move the text etc… then I need to take it back to Photoshop and edit it, bring it back in etc… what a pain in the ass that seems to be.

I’m one week into this iMac and have 2 choices. 1) Send it back and go ahead and buy a custom ordered PC juiced up on steroids for video making or 2) partition part of my HD and install Windows on the iMac, so I can run my beloved Power Diretor. I have decided to go with the second option. Why? Because I love this iMac. The bells and whistles are so cool. Hell, just the opening screen on the internet is enough to keep me. My opening screen has a view of the bookmarks I choose to set there. They are aligned as little screens curved across the monitor. It looks really cool. Granted, that is nothing important, but, I’m childish and I like how that looks. haha!!

This isn’t a screen shot of my computer. Mine has things like YouTube, Facebook,  Bengals sites, Amazon, Wikipedia etc…

I also still want to learn how to use the Mac editing software. I do believe that if I can get that under my belt it will raise my video editing skills up a notch. Viruses are far and few between, and I’ll only use the Windows partition for editing videos, so I’m keeping the Mac. This has been one expensive venture though. I’m going to be about $2000 into this once I get it all worked out. I could have ordered a custom made PC at a fraction of that price. I still want to keep the Mac though.

My biggest problem with the iMac is the community that I have now become a part of. Artsy Fartsy, tree huggging douchebags. I promise that I will not fall into that trap. If you ever pass a Starbucks and see me sitting there in my chinos, a beret, with a whip creamy, double minty, ultra douchey, cafe latte whateverthehellthosethingsarecalled, ticking away on my iPad………I want you to remember one thing, I *DO* have Windows installed on my iMac at home, then just go ahead and shoot me, you have my permission. But take the beret off of me before anyone finds me.

Y’all come back, I’ll leave the light on for ya,


P.S. there are a few good Mac using, Starbucks hanging people that aren’t douches. To them, I separate them from that group…..well, because they are my friends and I have the right to do that.



ex-pat American living in Japan since 1991. Love to play guitar and billiards. Love my Cincinnati Bengals too. Who-Dey!!
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One Response to MULLY Goes iMac

  1. Peter says:

    If you use Boot Camp, Windows apps will run in native mode so there shouldn’t be a speed penalty. If you use VMware or Parallels software to run both Mac and Windows apps, the Windows apps will probably run MUCH slower.

    The cool curved bookmarks is the Safari browser used by the Mac. It is available in a Windows version:

    I use it quite a bit. It’s clean and fast.

    My favorite browser is Opera:

    It has the same thumbnail bookmarks and a lot of other features I’ve come to like and is also available in both Windows and Mac flavors.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. I know almost nothing about media file manipulation, so I can’t help much.

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