My friend, Mophie

Well, as you all know, from my incessant bragging on YouTube and Facebook, I picked up the iPhone 4S a few weeks back. Moving up from the 3GS is huge. I’m loving this phone more and more every time I use it. One thing though, and this goes back to the 3GS, I’m not really thrilled with having to put my phone on the charger 3 and 4 times a day. Granted, I hit the panic button around 50% and charge her up, but that’s not the point. The iPhone’s really do consume that battery power. It makes sense though if you’re watching a lot of YouTube videos, which I believe most people do. What reason is there to have a smart phone if you’re not going to take advantage of the internet capabilities of it. And if you’re on the 3G network instead of a WiFi connection then it just uses that much more battery power.

Anyway, a friend of mine here received a birthday present a few months ago from his brother and sister in-law….s….???? He’s really into the YouTube thing like me, actually, he’s the one that got me into making videos. Anyway, they gave him this case for his phone and it’s called “Mophie”. Mophie is a rechargeable battery case made for the iPhone line of smartphones.

Now, I don’t have the actual numbers in front of me, but what they claim is that you can get a SHITLOAD more usage out of your phone by using their case…..I don’t think they actually said “shitload” though, that was all me.

Last week I bought a Mophie case and after a weeks usage I figured it was OK to write a little review for it.

This case kicks ass!! When my battery gets down to 10% I hit the switch on the Mophie and it starts charging my phone back up. Of course I can still use my phone during this time too. What I’m finding now is that I am back to putting my phone on the charger at night before I go to bed, like I used to do with my regular cell phone. Mophie gets me through the day, and then some. I’m finding that I’m going all day and into the early evening before turning on Mophie, and then when I put the package onto the charger at night I’m still well over 50% left. The Mophie case does what it says it does. It keeps you feeling safe. I admit, I get scared when I see 10% up in the corner of my phone, and then I remember, oh, with Mophie on here, that’s 110%. WOOOHOOOO!!!

But, it’s not entirely a bed of roses. It does have it’s faults. For one, it’s big. It’s not huge, but it’s definitely got some size to it, and with size comes weight. Yes, the Mophie, with the phone loaded into it, is pretty heavy. You won’t forget that it’s in your pocket. Actually, let me run downstairs and grab the kitchen scale and get some numbers for you…..BRB……Ok, here we go, the weight of the iPhone 4S on it’s own is 143 grams. With the Mophie case on it comes in at a whopping 226 grams. Now, to put that into perspective, a Big Mac weighs 214 grams. So, you see, this thing is heavy…..and it doesn’t taste as good…..yet fewer calories…..FOCUS!!! FOCUS!!!

Myself, I’m very comfortable with the size and weight of the phone. I’m a big guy and I have big hands…..hear that ladies? I have big hands. You know what they say about guys with big hands……we wear big gloves. Hehe!! Anyway, with the Mophie case on here this thing feels like a tank. It feels solid. It feels like if I drop it, and it doesn’t land face down, that it will survive. Not really wanting to test that theory though, just telling you how it feels to me. Notice I said “face down”. One thing that does concern me about this is that the screen is pretty much flush with the case. I don’t feel that there is much protection for the screen. If you drop it, and it lands face down, it’s landing right on the screen. I’m sure all bets are off after that.

I wanted to point out one problem I’ve been having with this though. You can keep the phone in the case and charge them both at the same time. I think the phone fills up first and then the case takes what it needs. Whenever I hook it to my iMac, case and phone all in one, my phone goes nuts. If you’re an iPhone owner, you know how the phone beeps when you put the charger on and then the photo album comes up on screen? Well, the problem I’m having is that the phone seems to be connecting, then disconnecting, then connecting, then disconnecting, then connecting……you get the picture. It doesn’t stop. It really is nuts. If I shut the phone off it seems to be OK. What good is a phone if it’s turned off though?

Other than that charging issue, charging from the iMac, everything is fine for me. This is one product I highly recommend. You know, I said it’s bulky and heavy, but let’s be real, it’s an extra battery in the form of a case. An extra battery that lasts a long damn time too. You can’t have that without sacrificing some size and weight. Works for me.

Y’all come back, I’ll leave a light on for ya!





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2 Responses to My friend, Mophie

  1. Kurt says:

    Great post. MULLY. I’ve dropped my Mophie twice onto a hard surface. The case and phone both survived with mere scratches. -Kurt 🙂

  2. A.K. says:

    Saw you guys using Mophie in your videos and got one for my Dad as a Christmas present. His battery is always tanking out on him, so hopefully this will help. Apple Store wanted $79 for one, but I found one at Best Buy for $50. Sweet.

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