My Thoughts On YouTube

My Thoughts On The New Design

Morning, everyone. As almost all of you have seen YouTube has done a major overhaul of their site. Changes have been made in all areas and to be honest, not too many are very thrilled about this. My opinion on the new design? Well, I compare this to the first email client that you use. No matter which one it is, that is the one that you usually stick with. Familiarity being the key factor. My first time using email I used Outlook Express. I used it for years before realizing that there were actually other mail clients out there. I found Eudora and decided to jump right in and buy the pro version. It didn’t last long. Eudora may have had tons and tons of features that Outlook Express didn’t, but, in the end, it didn’t do things the way I was used to with OE, so back I went. Anyway, point being that we are all familiar with the old YouTube layout and are comfortable with it. No one likes change. There are major improvements all around the site, but, like Eudora, it doesn’t do things the way we’re used to them being done. There’s no choice to go back though. We’re stuck with it. Right now, personal channel pages can be kept in the old style but I think that’s going to be gone before long. Might as well switch over now and get used to it before the shit hits the fan. Right now you have the option of trying the new layouts or keeping it the way it was. This gives you a chance to try out the new layouts and still return to the safety of the mother’s womb if it’s not settling well with you. Ease yourself into it, wean yourself off the teat, this way, when the big change does come, it’s not total shell shock. I’m currently dealing with the new layout during the day then switching back to the old style in the evening. Even after only 2 days I’m finding good things about the new layout and realizing how simple the previous layout looked. Anyway, there is plenty to bitch about with these new designs and features and I’m sure we’ll be reading quite a bit about it over the next few weeks.

My personal gripes, though petty, are things like only having 200 letters to write a channel description. WTF is that? 200 letters for a channel description? Twitter is 140 characters. YouTube comments are 500. Does YouTube really think comments on videos deserve more space than a channel description? Then there is the way to feature a video from another channel. With the old style you could just copy and paste the URL into a box and be done with it. Now, you have to add the video to a playlist, go into your featured videos, select the playlist and then select the video. I tell you what, if you ever see a video from another channel featured on my channel then you can bet your sweet ass that I really enjoyed that video. I’m not going to take all that time going through all that horseshit just to feature a video. Come on, YouTube, make it a little simpler for God’s sake.

My Thoughts On YouTube Partnership

I said months ago that the partnership program as we know it now is going to go the way of the dinosaur. I’m only basing this on things I see going on around YouTube as far as advertising goes. Now, before I get into this I need to lay out a disclaimer. I am NOT critiquing anybody’s work. I am NOT saying that the content that person A makes is crap. This is entirely related to numbers and numbers only……and I suck at math so take all of this for what it’s worth…..not a whole helluva lot.

Ok, over the past few months we’re seeing channel after channel being authorized for revenue sharing, not full partnership, revenue sharing only. Let me step off to the side here for a second and say that I don’t fully understand this move. I am a full partner now, but I was given revenue sharing before the full partnership. I didn’t understand why they would give me revenue sharing on my channel but I had to be a full partner to add a banner at the top. Go figure. In my opinion, if your channel is authorized for revenue sharing, then you are a partner that isn’t allowed to put a banner up. Silly, isn’t it?

Ok, back to the point at hand. As I was saying above, so many channels are being authorized for revenue sharing that, in my opinion, don’t deserve it. Again, not because of the content, but because of the numbers. To give you an example, I know a person that has a channel that is completely private, it’s not out in the public realm of YouTube. There are only a handful of videos on that channel and the total views of each video barely break 6 or 7 views. That channel was recently offered revenue sharing. Really????? There is hardly any traffic on that channel. And here is the only reasoning I can come up with. With every view of a video that DOESN’T have ads on it YouTube is basically losing money. There are millions of videos uploaded every single day that have no ads on them. That is a complete and total loss of revenue. It only makes sense to put ads on everything that goes up. In my opinion, this is slowly going to move into ads on every single video, which, in my opinion again, totally removes the partnership program as we know it today.

With that said above, it does make sense to have a partner program of sorts so YouTube can control the content. The rules for partners are pretty strict as far as using copyrighted music, photos, video clips etc… goes. What they have right now is a system that saves them a lot of time and heartache. When I upload a video, if I want to monetize it, I have to go through certain steps answering questions about the content of the video. If there is anything that falls into a dangerous territory, meaning having content that doesn’t rightfully belong to me, then I have to write out a description of what that content is and explain how I’m using it *AND* I have to provide proof that I have permission from the owner to use it. What a helluva smart move on their part. I basically make a video, upload it, then save them the time of having to actually review it. My answers and comments/description takes care of all of that. Granted, there are people that buck the system and sneak things in, but I think for the most part people are honest and fill the form out truthfully. Let’s be real, screw around and get caught and you lose your account. I don’t think many people in the partner program risk that.

I would also like to take this moment and say that I don’t believe that I should be a partner. In my opinion, a partner should be generating a whole helluva lot of views. I’m not. Now, I’ve never been about the numbers with my YouTube channel. I swear to God, if you asked me right now how many subscribers I have, I couldn’t tell you. I honestly don’t know. I know how many hits my videos get but that’s because the number is written right there under the clip. If it wasn’t, I’d have no idea. I don’t know what my channel views are and I don’t know what my upload views are. These are things that mean nothing to me. When I look at one of my videos and it has a thousand views I wonder why. When I see one that only has 100 views I don’t really care. What I do care about is looking over and seeing the part that says “Comments: 4” The comments are where I really enjoy myself on there. I’ve met so many people, virtually of course, that I consider friends and it’s all from the interaction in the comments, and then I can’t dismiss Twitter because that’s where we really get to interact a lot. I really should add my Twitter name to all of my videos so you guys know where to find me on there. But that’s another subject entirely.

My Thoughts On The Money

I see so many people that *AREN’T* partners or *DON’T* have revenue sharing making comments about the money being made by the partners. Talking about how we make all this cash etc… Best one yet……let me give you the back story on this because it’s really interesting. One of my favorite YouTubers is Ray William Johnson. I watch his videos religiously when they come out on Wednesday and Saturday (Japan time). This past Wednesday he reviewed a video from a “How To” channel that piqued my interest. The reason I thought it was so interesting is because that channel is very very very similar to a channel that was the brain child between myself and Mark from FindMeInKurume. It’s Mark’s second channel, 10secondsofnothing. The similarities between the two channels were enough that I wanted to see the power of Ray William Johnson at work. I immediately went to that channel and started taking notes. I got to that channel about 6 hours after RWJ’s video came out. At that point it had 7,600+ subscribers. Remember that it’s been 6 hours since RWJ’s video came out. Within that next hour the subscribers went up over 400. By the next morning it had gone up over 5,000. Today, 3 days later, that channel has over 17,000 subscribers and his video views have gone from around 150,000 views to over 1.5 million views, in just 3 days. Wow, the power of RWJ is impressive. Even though I’m not about the numbers on my channel, that would be pretty awesome to be picked up by him and have something like that happen. hahaha!! Now, this channel that he reviewed isn’t a partner channel, although I’m sure it will be soon. Someone left a channel comment that said “You should apply for partnership. Partners get 50 bucks per 1,000 views.” I almost choked on my tongue when I read that. That isn’t even remotely close to being true. Truth be told, *NO ONE*, read that again, *NO ONE* outside of Google/YouTube knows what partners are being paid. Oh, I’m sure after a year or so you could sit down and do the math and get a good idea, but, in reality, no one really knows. Now, because of an agreement I made when I became partner I can not tell you guys what I make, but I can tell you this, when I’m doing my monthly planning of paying the bills and setting aside spending money, the YouTube money isn’t even a factor. I don’t receive monthly payments, I’m not generating that much. I’ve had 1 payment this year and I’ll be lucky to have another one by April. So you see, I make these videos because I like doing it. My drive has absolutely nothing to do with making money off of this thing.

Anyway, if you sat through all this I apologize for my rambling.

Y’all come back, I’ll leave a light on for ya.




ex-pat American living in Japan since 1991. Love to play guitar and billiards. Love my Cincinnati Bengals too. Who-Dey!!
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3 Responses to My Thoughts On YouTube

  1. ciaela says:

    A lot of points I agree with here. I hate that perception that YOUTUBE PARTNERS ARE RICH too. Someone tried to get me to make a video for their podcast, but then after I told them I was interested, they replied with more information about themselves and they included the phrase “Unlike you, we don’t make videos for money–we do it for our people.” and it just ruined the entire deal for me. LOL.

  2. LylesBrother says:

    A nice blog, MULLY. I enjoyed the little vid we did together on this topic as well. It’s always interesting to hear and read your thoughts. Thanks for leaving the light on for us. ~Kurt 🙂

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