Big Paul Arrives On YouTube

I was at home one night back in December when my phone rang. I looked at my phone and the name splayed across the screen was “Japanarchist“. “Whoa, a phone call from Sonny……I hope no one died.” You see, I first met Sonny at the big YouTube get together in Tokyo back in June.

Funny story behind that, when I made my plans to go to Tokyo for the party, I was really excited thinking about meeting all these people I had been watching on YouTube. I only had one person that was causing me some concern, that’s right, Japanarchist. I was on the phone with Ozzy78 one night and he told me about this guy on YouTube that goes by the name Japanarchist. Ozzy said that he was one of his favorites. Well, if Ozzy likes him then I’ll have to check him out, so I headed over, watched a few videos, liked what I saw, and subscribed. Sonny makes some hilarious videos. Only thing is that you don’t really get a sense of what type of person he is behind the “Japanarchist” persona. I had said to Mrs. MULLY quite a few times that meeting Sonny was going to be interesting. He was either going to be super cool or a super douche. So, I’m at the big party in Tokyo and I’m standing there talking to a few people when I turn around and standing right there next to me is the man himself. Ball cap on, hands in his pockets. I kind of did a double take and with a surprised voice I said “Japanarchist!!!” He gave me a smile and said “How’s it goin’?” We started talking and he couldn’t have been further from being a douche if he tried. Super nice guy. I even cornered him with the big question that any YouTuber doesn’t want to hear “Hey, why aren’t you subbed to my channel?!?” and his answer was “I am”. At that time I didn’t have many subscribers and I knew for a fact that the Japanarchist avatar wasn’t in my subs. I pointed that out and he proceeded to tell me that he was subbed to me with his other channel and that he doesn’t usually sub to people with the Japanarchist channel. I felt like a heel…….BTW, I did in fact check when I got back to a computer and sure enough, there he was.

Anyway, after that, Sonny and I had the chance to run into each other a few times over the next few months, but we never really had the time to just sit down and get to know each other. We had exchanged phone numbers and mail addresses in Tokyo, but let’s be real, he didn’t really know me, and I didn’t really know him, so it’s not like we were calling each other up each weekend and sitting on the phone for hours at a time while we painted our toenails together. So when my phone rang that night, and I saw it was Sonny, I had to wonder what was up.

Sonny was calling to tell me about a video project he had going and he wanted to use my face as the main character. Now, I had no idea what the details of this video were going to be, but I really didn’t care because I was going to be appearing in a Japanarchist video, wow!! So, he proceeded to tell me the type of shots he wanted and I told him I’d get on it.

Anyway, Victor, from the Gimmeabreakman channel……and host of a dozen others, was at my house that evening for a X-mas party. Victor always has a camera with him, and he takes really good shots, so I enlisted him as my photographer, then I stood in front of a white background and he fired off a bunch of head shots and we sent them off to Sonny. What came of these shots is, in my opinion, one fantastic video. The title of the video is “Sushi Bucket”.

Sonny tells me that Big Paul and the Sushi Bucket was something that he did back when he was doing podcasts. I’m assuming that the “Sushi Bucket” was a commercial he made up for one of his programs. He said he wanted to put it into video and that when he thought of Big Paul, he thought of me. Now, Sonny created that character way before he met me so there is no way I can take credit for it. But, I’ve been doing a similar character for as long as I can remember. I made an intro for one of Sonny’s videos a while back using that character of mine, and I like to think that when he saw my video that he thought of his Big Paul character and brought us together.

Now, when Sonny put out “Sushi Bucket” I had no idea what it was going to be like. He said he’d let me check it out before he put it on YouTube but I told him “No way!! Put it up and I’ll watch it like everyone else”. One thing I was sure about Sonny, he wouldn’t do anything to make me look the fool, God knows I do that well enough on my own. I totally trusted that he was going to make a really cool video, and he did. I loved that name, Big Paul, so much that I called him and asked if he wouldn’t mind me running with it. He gave me his full blessing. Big Paul’s first appearance by me was in a video chain game around Christmas that was started by Gimmeabreakman. The theme of the game was “What do you drink at Christmas?”. The way it worked was that someone would make a video telling what they drink at X-mas, then you would send a video response to that, then someone would see yours and send a response to yours, and so on. Mine was titled “JVlog Christmas Chain Game: BIG PAUL”.

So there ya have it, the entire back story about Big Paul and how he came about. I hope that the Big Paul’s J-Pan News will become a big part of my channel. I’m not stopping my regular vlogs though. If it does take off and become wildly popular I’ll consider getting Paul his own channel. For now though he’ll stay where he’s at, with family and friends.

For now I’d like to once again thank Sonny for giving his blessings on this project of mine. I’d also like to thank Victor for taking the head shots that got this going, KramInJapan for his blessings on using his video for a shout out, and I can’t thank Ozzy78 enough for his appearance as the weatherman in the first episode. I hope that he’ll join in again sometime. Working with Ozzy is always great. BTW, this is the second collaboration with Ozzy and myself. The first one is a video on his channel where he teaches how to pick up Japanese girls. I play his devil and Mrs. MULLY plays his angel.

If you are a regular on YouTube and you aren’t subbed to these guys then I highly suggest that you do because you’re missing a lot of great videos.

You can check them out from here:

Japanarchist   Victor    KramInJapan   Ozzy78

Y’all come back, I’ll leave the light on for ya.




ex-pat American living in Japan since 1991. Love to play guitar and billiards. Love my Cincinnati Bengals too. Who-Dey!!
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