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My friend Kevin, also known as JLandKev/BusanKevin, made a video earlier this week talking about people starting up YouTube channels with the intention of making a quick buck and making some cold hard cabbage. You can watch it here…

Did you like the video? If you did, make sure you subscribe to Kevin…and tell him MULLY sent ya.

Anyway, I’m gonna have to side with Kevin on this one. Starting a YouTube channel with the intention of making money is going to lead you to a lot of realities. As of this date, I am closing in on 3,200 subscribers to my main channel. I have 4 channels though. All 4 channels together I’d say I have about 6,000 subscribers. Sure, a lot of them are people that are subbed to all of my channels, but, numbers are numbers and there is no way around it. Now, with that out of the way, my main channel is fully partnered on YouTube so it receives all the benefits. Do I make money from YouTube? You bet your ass I do. Do I make enough that I’m going to get rich from it? HA!! Not likely. I’ll be lucky if I’ll be able to take my wife out to dinner once every other month from it.

So many people say that we aren’t allowed to talk about how much we make, but that’s actually not true. There is nothing in the YouTube TOS that says we aren’t allowed to disclose what we make. So, here ya go, I’m gonna let you in on the secret that so many hold dear. With YouTube revenue they will hold the money you make until you reach a threshold of 10,000 yen (that’s roughly a hundred bucks in real money). Once you hit that amount they will either send you a check, barbaric, or they will deposit the funds directly into your bank account. I can’t give you an exact amount that I make, because it’s always different, but I can tell you this, I get paid once every 2 to 3 months. So, do the math, I’m making about 30 bucks a month doing what I do. Fully partnered, 3,000+ subscribers, about 30,000 total views per month. When I get my payment it disappears before I even realize I had it.

You have to be making an insane amount of views on YouTube to think about getting rich. Hell, even living off of YouTube money would be a feat. I occasionally drop into the partner forum on YouTube to peruse the threads and so many times I see people bitching and complaining about YouTube changing the algorithm, which in turn makes their views go down, which in turn makes them less money. The funny part is this, you’ll see a post like this…

“GOD DAMMIT YOUTUBE!!! You made this or that change and now my views have been cut in half. I make my living off of this and you’re taking away my livelihood. I won’t make rent this month.”

Then they post a link to their channel. Someone like me is like “Daaammnn!! This dude is paying his rent from YT money? I gotta see this!” so I head to his channel and he has like 150 subscribers and his highest viewed video may have a thousand hits. I then giggle, partly because he was talking himself up so much, and partly because I’m trying to imagine an apartment that rents for about 37 cents a month.

Nope, if you’re wanting to start a channel with the sole intention of getting rich from it, give it up now, unless you are extremely talented and extremely patient. I was fortunate in that my very first video went viral. That helped me build my subscriber base, but that’s about it. To be fair, a viral video can be great for a quick spike in the cash flow, but it’s going to come to an end quickly. It will always be there generating revenue, but once the viral part of it is done, you’re back to square one. Mine? By the time I became partner my video had run it’s course. To this day, 2 and a half years later, I think it’s made about 50 bucks total……if that.

My suggestion is this. If you have a need to put yourself out there then go for it. Enjoy making your videos. Get to know the people that comment. Enjoy yourself. You never know, one day something could happen that could send you out there into the world of the big YouTubers, but that’s doubtful. If you start now I could shout out your channel and MAYBE get you 50-100 subscribers, but that’s it. If someone like Kevin shouted you out you could get maybe double that, I did, but that slows down too. Now, if someone like Ray William Johnson shouts you out then you’ll be talking about making a living. But chances of that happening are slim to none. Make videos because you enjoy making videos. Let your channel grow, give it time. Don’t go buying that new Mercedes though.

Y’all come back, I’ll leave the light on for ya!!




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  1. TheAndySan says:

    Here’s my video response for Kevin’s video:

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